“I do what I wanna do I do what I like” – An Insider’s Look at Time Traveling with Bassnectar

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As we gear up for another sure to be “the best NYE 360 we’ve seen,” I am brought back to some notes I made after the dimension altering Basslanta only 3 months ago.

That event reminded me why I continue to see Lorin live, time and time again. Why tens of thousands of listeners travel from miles around to bathe in bass together.

Lorin does more than just play a show; he curates an experience.

I mean, where else do you have volunteer AmBASSadors? That pass out free water, pressed juices, and granola bars?

Bassnectar Ambassadors

(Photo courtesy of Betsy Singleton)

There’s nothing else like it.

Lorin has created a culture that is built on connection, co-creation, imagination and letting your freak flag fly. There’s a camaraderie that’s formed from being encouraged and inspired to be our true authentic selves.


So what exactly is a Bassnectar experience?

It’s the kind of thing you drive through the night over 600 miles for, knowing that after night two, you’ll have to hop right back in the car to drive over 600 miles back to make it to work on time Monday morning.


(Photo courtesy of aLIVE Coverage)

It’s gathering in the parking lots and painting faces. It’s filling up hotels and seeing bass drop after bass drop hop on the elevator.

It’s meeting up with people from all over the country who you may only see at Bassnectar shows. People you have never met, but you’ve been Facebook friends for a while, and when you finally connect in person, it’s like you’ve known each other for years.


(Photo courtesy of Nathan Miers)

It’s experiencing a show, standing on the edge of a Red Rocks seat, teetering forward stretched as far as your physical body will go, so close to falling off, but the wall of bass and the energy from the crowd keeps you balanced, just right, so that for a moment you experience what it’s like to float weightless through time and space.


(Photo courtesy of McGPhotographee)


We are miles and cultures apart, but we are vibrating at the same frequency.

It’s the connection. We crave it.


(Photo courtesy of Dawn Love)

So what made Basslanta special?


(Photo courtesy of aLIVE Coverage)

Well, night one went something like this, “What just happened???? Holy hell, Lorin. Like seriously. Chakra cleansing. Bam.”

How does he do it every single time?

It wasn’t just the show this time. The anticipation, the build up. It brought me back to my first Bassnectar show, crowded together in a venue, unaware of what was about to ensue. At my first show, I didn’t know a lot of his music at the time, but with every song, I could feel it.

Feel the energy, the love, worked into every beat.

This first night there was an energy present, raw, unlike any other Bassnectar show I’ve been to.

I can’t explain it. It has to be felt. Experienced.


There was an old school feel to the night. Very few visuals were used, just the music and lights. There was no need to look at Lorin; we were reminded to just enjoy each other, the music, with “no idea” who was actually playing.

Just a group of people, gathered in a dark warehouse, surrounded by lasers, bathing in BASS.

There was no need for Lorin to be a jester performing for the court. If we were open and willing to play full out, to fully absorb what he was serving, we’d leave the night satisfied. 

He went off the fuckin’ deep end and it was mind blowing. Lorin took us back in time to the environment his music and movement were born in.

Night two?  Well, this was dirty in an entirely different way.

Basslanta pic

(Photo courtesy of GoodMusicAllDay)

It was like being served the final dishes of a finely designed five course meal.  We thought we were full, but turns out we hadn’t even been served the main course and, if you still had room, dessert. 

He played old stuff, new stuff, the crowd pleasers that even get those new to his music bouncin’.

Throughout the weekend, we got a taste of what Lorin is made of and a glimpse at where he’s headed.

When you do what you want to do, regardless of outside influence, when you are wholly and fully your unique self, with the intention to inspire others to do the same, that’s when you create the kind of magic that Lorin Ashton does.

So, what will you do as we enter 2017? How about do what you wanna do, just do what you like. ?  Just do you.

Bring it on, 2017.


(Photo courtesy of aLIVE Coverage)


Written by Hoop Spirit Guide contributor Rachel McGehee. Rachel is the owner and founder of Makin’ Whoopee Sandwich Company. She recently collaborated with her partner in crime, Anthony Gibbs, to release their first album, Become to Know as the artist duo SurprisinglySimple. She uses the magic of travel to elevate and ignite her passions. She is a co-founder and the Director of Travel for Rebel + Connect. She believes in the importance of connecting to the creative spirit of the inner child and in creating and cultivating joy any chance we can. She believes in the fulfillment of the self in order to fill others. When we brighten our own flame within, and all of us come together, we burn as a bigger, warmer, more luminous flame than we ever thought possible.

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