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A personal note from my personal blog. Because I love Hoop spirit guide.
By: Lys Tanzanite

I’m grateful that I have decided to partake in this website while also finding the inspiration deep within myself to share my innermost struggles, passions, and lessons. I’ve been working on a project for the last six months with a few of my closest friends, www.hoopspiritguide.com This publication will offer a lot of what my blog was suggesting in previous postings, in example Video of the week, festival reviews, music tidbits, and MUCH MUCH MORE. This website is so dear to my heart that I’ll be using specifically for the purpose of sharing the POSITIVE changes that are arising through the eyes of the indigo children. With that said, posts that are a bit more personal will not be appropriate for HSG and the goal we are setting. I plan to use this because I think it’s important that I document a lot of what is happening in my life right now. I think people that have been in my situation will be able to learn from it. If not, that’s okay, but I still feel from the depths of my soul that writing is my gift. It has been my calling since I was very young and I know I have the ability to inspire people with my words.

Ok I guess it is time to transcend
For those who do not know. Last month a group of my friends and I made our way to Costa Rica to spend two weeks surfing and getting to know the area. I wrote down a set of intentions that I wanted to accomplish while on this trip. I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to grow as a person while also learning about this culture.
Well, I’ll tell you one thing, be careful what you wish for. The universe just might give it to you!
I went out on a surfboard during a rough day without any real guidance. The waves were too big for a beginner to learn on. I paddled out into the water with a clear mind, thinking “I can do this.”
The ocean had other plans for me; I was crushed under a massive wave. I remained calm until I was able to get a breath, the second arose,Ā another wave crashed on top of me. That wave pushed me even deeper underwater. OH and that’s not all, I finally got up to catch my breath, and there was that THIRD wave that crushed my dreams! šŸ˜‰ Somehow during all of this, I hit my hit head on someone else’s surfboard. I didn’t notice because I was more concerned about breathing!
As I started to crawl out of the water over to the blanket where my best friend Vinny was sitting, a feeling of defeat set over me.
I began to comprehend really what had just happened as I was icing my bloody head wound, as I gazed out over the ocean I could feel the tears starting to form.
Just as I began to feel sorry for myself, that is when I met Cody….
He came up and put his paw on my chest. He looked at me with compassion and started kissing my face! At this point, it was even possible for the tears to fall. I was distracted by this marvelous gift from the universe. Cody stood over me, and I guess you could say, he picked me. I felt our connection instantly.
I later found out that he was a stray dog that a family had left here. The beach dog! We noticed that he seemed to be malnourished, and there was a bunch of poop stuck to his butt that was bothering him!
We took him back to the Marbella Surf Inn, where we were staying. We cleaned him up, trimmed his bum hairs and got him some food & water! He seemed very pleased and at that moment, he never left my side.
After double checking around the community that Cody didn’t have a family, I knew we needed to adopt him. I took him to the vet and made sure to get all of the proper vaccinations along with any medicine he may require. They told me it would take about two weeks for the paperwork to process before I could bring him back to America. We were saddened by this because we were leaving in 5 days! Luckily the fantastic crew at the Surf Inn offered to watch Cody until I could come back in two weeks to take him home!
It so hard had to leave him, but I knew he was in good hands. I went back to the states and continued with my plan in launching Hoop Spirit Guides website with the Okeechobee Music Festival piece!
Those couple of weeks flew by and now I am BACK in Costa Rica. I was originally supposed to fly out yesterday (Wednesday, March 16th) but when I arrived at the airport, they proceeded to tell me that Cody’s records needed to be OVER 30 days old before he could fly. This made it so that we now can’t leave until Monday.
Being here alone for even just those four days was a HUGE learning experience for me. Now that I have been given the chance to stay a bit longer, I am going to use this opportunity to learn about myself even more. I’m going to strip away the layers that are binding me. I am going to allow any emotions I haven’t dealt with, to come through so that I can let them go. It might mean that I have dug a little deeper, into my childhood even. But I feel this transformation in myself happening, and I want to break free of any mental restrictions I have placed on myself.
And I’m going to do something a little different; I am going to share it.

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