The Paradox: Sight And Sound Become ONE

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Words by: Hannah MacMaster

Dear Bassheads: prepare to pick your brain up off the floor after this one. Excision has exceeded the normal realm of bass music by combining intense visuals with 150,000 watts of face-melting pk sound. If you thought the Executioner tour was one for the books in 2013, prepare to have your mind blown after experiencing the Paradox. Excision brought the biggest version of The Paradox to Denver for the final stop of The 2016 Paradox Tour on Saturday, March 26th at the First Bank Center. With a killer lineup from start to finish and 7,000 bassheads in attendance, this sold-out Denver show was one for the books.

The night began with Bear Grillz serving a hearty helping of consistent heavy dubstep to feed the hungry bassheads, and let me tell you; we were satisfied. That teddy bear knows how to party. While bouncing around on stage in his teddy bear onesie, the crowd could feel his energy and maintained it through the entire set. His set consisted of heavy dubstep, trap and bass, and even brought us back to our rock roots with a little bit of Drowning Pool and Blink-182 thrown in. This was the first I have seen Bear Grillz live, and I was very impressed.

Figure took the stage next and continued to hype the crowd. The dubstep veteran not only gave us his signature sound from his monster series, which mixes samples of horror movies with drumstep, he also dropped new tracks throughout the entire set. This seeme kept the crowd happy, but also excited for what had yet to come. The grime and riddim dubstep was a more adverse change of pace from Bear and was the perfect lead-in to what Excision had in store for all the headbangers.

It was time for the main event: The Paradox. Excision set the mood visually with a dark and ominous red grid before sending out a shockwave of heavy-hitting bass that rattled your bones when it hit you. That was when we knew this was going to be an experience of more than just music: it was one that we could feel down to the core. The sound was so mechanical and industrial that it would make any dubstep lover get chills. The visuals were breathtaking. The bass was penetrating. The lasers were piercing. Someone who is deaf could experience this show and still feel the music flowing through their veins. Sounds intense, I know, and as such, this show is not intended for the faint of heart.

Excision mixed signature tracks such as “Robo Kitty,” “X-Rated,” “Bring the Madness,” “Make em Bounce,” and “Deviance,” as well as grimy dubstep tracks from Zomboy, Flux Pavillion, and Bassnectar. Two full hours of bass-to-the-face music that exceeded all expectations. The Dubstep Demon has done it again.

I have been to a lot of shows, but I have never seen that venue as packed as it was and I have never seen a crowd go as hard as they did Saturday night. That is what I love about dubstep shows: people are there because they genuinely like the music. People don’t just go to dubstep shows because they want a night out to party; they are there to appreciate a sound that brings bassheads together. As such, the vibes are always amazing. People are fired up with excitement and ready to rage with their fellow dubstep lovers. I spent half the time hanging out with two ten-year-old boys, and their mom and their energy was unreal… Those kids loved every second of it! They kept yelling things like, “This is awesome!” and “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THIS IS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!” Not to mention, it was their first concert ever. Go, mom; this is way better than a 3D movie.

Excision brought the madness; that’s for sure. And in return, the Denver bassheads gave it right back. To the point where Excision even told us, “you motherf***ers are crazy in this town!” He ended the night by saying,

“Hey Denver… I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… this is my favorite place I’ve ever played”

And then he continued to announce a 2-day show sometime next year.

See Bassheads? You have been rewarded for good behavior. You have left a lasting impression on one of the greatest dubstep producers of all time. Continue with that energy and bring the good vibes with you to every show you attend because people need to know what it’s like to be surrounded by individuals like you. And for those of you who have never been to a dubstep show or have said, “meh, I don’t like Excision because he’s too heavy,” I challenge you to give the next tour a shot. I have had many friends tell me that same statement and then continue to say Excision was their favorite set at multiple festivals. What’s not to love about good energy, fun people, spectacular visuals, lasers, and hard-hitting bass? The Paradox may have been retired with the Denver stop, but you know Excision is only going to bring something even bigger next time. And I can’t wait.

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