EDM Meets Cover Band At Asbury Park’s TILT

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Words by: Vinny

Asbury Park’s local venue, House of Independence recently jumped into its first ever electric adventure with a show described in their words as, “Part EDM festival, Part Cirque du Soleil, & Part Red Carpet Event.”

The thrilling experience, titled “TILT”, featured Garden State Radio covering songs from all genres, with the primary focus on EDM.

LED Robots entertaining guests between Garden State Radio sets

Lead singer and former American Idol contestant, Kelly Caruso, didn’t hold back in her performance. I would describe her style as a bit intense but fun with a hint of goofy, which made Garden State Radio a fantastic fit for this unique style of the show.

Even though the primary focus was electronic dance music, that didn’t stop them from adventuring all over, covering tracks by Beastie Boys, Nelly, a short skit from The Lion King, and one of my favorites, Katy Perry’s, “E.T.”

“TILT” wasn’t only about the music, it was an all-encompassing experience.

The flow artists were mesmerizing you with their LED performancesso it was great seeing them included at this venue.

Each performer took turns showing off their flow before each first set. There was a good mix of POI, LED fans, and, of course, HOOPS!


Another important aspect of most EDM festivals is guest interactions, how you make people feel like they are a part of the show. Most surprising to me, all of the thought the creators put into the WOW factor! It made Tilt go from show to an e x p e r i e n c e.

If you have yet to have an EDM style experience, one attendee, Sebastian Yepes, has some words of advice for you:

“Life is all about the experiences.

Try something that scares you at any and all stages of your life.”  

~Sebastian Yepes

Despite the great show, something was still missing…

The people attending were not your typical rainbow tribe festy goers. But that’s to be expected; this was the first show of it’s kind.

I’d say the best way to describe the vibe here was more so, “red carpet” (as outlined in the flyer) and less “radical self-expression” that would usually experience at a weekend camping music gathering.

As more of these shows get put on I’m sure it will evolve, the free spirits will start to be attracted to the good time being offered on Cookman Ave.

Bottom line, if you are a festival chaser suffering from the post-festival blues  (Okeechobee Fest withdrawals for me), and you’re looking for something to satisfy the craving, TILT will certainly do the trick.


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