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Words by: Hippie Trinity

The hoop is a spirit guide that can guide you out of dark times; it can be used as a form of meditation. But most importantly the hoop is a symbol of connection. I want to introduce you all to a very inspiring performance troupe, they call themselves, “Flowdesza.

The group is comprised of four beautiful women, Erin, Izzy, Taylor and Melanie. 

Check out their promotional video below!


I felt inspired to share a story I recently read by one of group members, Taylor Rose.

“If you guys have a dream. ANY dream… I’m here to tell you that you can do it! I went from being 45 pounds overweight, depressed, and ashamed of myself to being fit, happy and proud of being where I am. When I first started hooping, I was horrendous. Seriously it was painful to watch. But I kept with it, even when I felt like giving up. Now I have a troupe, I’m certified to teach, and have the chance to perform and what I love because I NEVER GAVE UP. I’m not saying I’m the best, in fact, I am nowhere near it. I still have things to learn, but if I gave up when things got hard, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Same goes for my fitness journey. It has been up and down and really hard at times but I never gave up, and I am still going. If you guys want something in life, GO GET IT! I’m living proof you can, with just a little effort and motivation you can have whatever you want.”

So to all of the beginner flow artists out there, KEEP going with your flow.

You are not alone and the flow community supports your journey!


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